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Only a small portion of the water that is globally available can actually be used as drinking water almost 97% is salty ocean water and around 2% or Bound as ice in polar caps and glaciers. Of the remaining 1% a large part of the fresh water is polluted this scarcity explains why water is being promoted as blue gold or oil of the 21st Century

Arctic Blue Water

The purity of the spring water and its exquisite origin create strong marketing opportunities as premium water. The water originating from the springs  is mostly fed by rainfall that has run through a thoroughly natural and impressive cleaning process.

The hills nearby the springs serve as a sponge, which stores the draining water, which follows the impervious layer.On its way from the hill to the spring, the water gets filtered through clean sediments. As there live only very few people in this area, the rain is very pure without any contaminations.

It is one of the cleanest areas in the world. The clean sediments have given the Spring Water its character. Thus, there is absolutely no pollution created from the process of cleaning the water as everything happens naturally and in harmony with the environment.

No finite resources are exploited, but rainfalls renew the water reservoir

Arctic Blue will be positioned as the highest quality and ethical brand of arctic artesian spring water with naturally low minerals, with operations and packaging based on minimal carbon footprint

Contaminant free The source water is 100% pure, natural, contaminant free and requires no treatment additives such as chlorine and fluoride.

Low in sodium Naturally low in sodium without treatment or additives.

Alkaline pH The water has an alkaline pH between 6.7 and 6.8, which means that the water contains a healthy level of alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Antioxidant The source water has a negative oxidation reduction potential (-ORP). A negative ORP is an indicator of concentrated molecular hydrogen (H2) molecules, which are potent antioxidants and easily absorbed at the cellular

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